Lisa Moreland
Finance Officer

The proper procedures for conference requests, travel reimbursements and trip requests are as outlined below.  The correct forms to be used are attached to this email.  Please save the forms so that you have them at your disposal should you need to travel anywhere throughout the year.

Conference Application:

To be completed when you travel without students

Must be completed 10 days in advance of travel date

Must be completed 1 month in advance of travel if Out-Of-State travel is being requested (must be approved by the Board)

All information must be completed fully, most importantly the funding source

Must be signed by the building principal before being sent to central office

Once signed by the superintendent and approved they will be returned to you at your building

Keep the application for your records

If you need to turn in travel, a copy of the approved conference application must be attached to the travel or it will not be paid.

 Travel Reimbursement Form:

To be completed AFTER you have attended the event

No meal reimbursement for day travel

If overnight travel is required meals will be paid per diem, please do not turn in any receipts

Meals that are included in your conference registration fee will not be reimbursed to you

All travel must be turned in Monthly and all travel must be to the central office by the 5th of each month in order to receive reimbursement

 Trip Request:

This form is to be filled out when you are traveling with studentsMust be turned in 1 month in advance of travel

Please make sure that the information is filled in as accurately as possible, including if you need buses, if it is overnight, the cost and funding source

Forms need to be signed by building principal then sent to the central office for superintendent approval

Once approved, trip requests are forwarded to Larry Brewer and/or Allison Sparks who will forward a copy to your school


Following these steps and making sure you have the correct form should make requesting travel very easy and efficient.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elaine Collins or Kathleen Decker.  Thank you


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