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Welding Technology

Last Updated: 3/13/2019 3:16 AM

Are you ready to blaze a path to a successful welding career? MCCMS has been training welders since 1967; young men and women have graduated from MCCMS to become Boilermakers, Iron Workers, Fabricators, Carpenters, and Laborers, building the infrastructure of America. 

  • Gain knowledge and skills to weld various types of metals using several methods and processes, as well as industrial safety

  • Learn how to operate and maintain several methods of cutting, such as Oxy-fuel and Plasma Arc

  • Learn basic blueprint reading, welding symbols, and cutting methods, including Oxy-fuel, Plasma, Shielded, Gas Metal, and Gas Tungsten cutting

  • Become a certified welder by taking the Kentucky Department of Transportation 3G welding test

  • Understand workplace safety, metallurgy, blueprint reading, power sources, layout, and fitting techniques, as well as tools and materials, in this high-demand field

The Welding program prepares students for industry or other job related fields.  Welding students are presented with the knowledge to weld various types of metal using several methods and processes.  Students are trained in layout, blueprint reading, work orders, job site safety, and estimating materials for the job.

This industry based shop environment is designed for the student who would like to receive a general metal working background as a foundation for continuing education or a trade-vocational career. Welding, fabrication and safety are taught with a blend of lecture, assignments and hands-on competencies that maintain the student's interest and foster a deeper appreciation of the trade.

This two year program can "SPARK" an interest in the trade of welding and metal fabrication. Students work in a classroom and shop environment developing skills in many types of welding: S.M.A.W., G.M.A.W., G.T.A.W., F.C.A.W. and basic fabrication.

Learn to take pride in your work as you are signing your name with every weld. The welding team keys to success consist of a good attitude, a desire to work hard and being able to focus on the jobs at hand; skills every employer values.

Contact Adam Wallingford, Welding Expert - adam.wallingford@mason.kyschools.us

Career Focus: Earn national certification in 3G welding; careers include general, maintenance, structural, and fabrication

Projected Salary Range*: $39,237  – $ 90,204