MCMS Construction Letter to Parents


Dear Parent(s),

As you may know, last year the citizens of Mason County voted and approved a levy for school construction to improve facilities in all of our schools.  The next of the many projects began at Mason County Middle School on July 23rd with a new roof, outside doors, flooring, and other miscellaneous items.

The construction will be done as students attend school.  There will be no break in services to classroom instruction.  However, there may be a day or two where students are displaced as work is being done in their current room.

With this construction, there will be workers in our building in the zoned area where that phase is being done.  The area will be blocked and secure. All workers by law must have a background check. They will not be on site if they have not received a clean check.  There is never a need for the workers to interact with the students, staff or our public during the duration of the project. Workers will not be allowed out of the work area inside the building and only authorized district staff will be allowed into the work area.

I anticipate the work being completed by Spring of 2020

There will be normal construction noise as they work in the building.  Students, staff and visitors could possibly hear the noise while in the building.  Obviously, the closer to the work site, the louder the noise. There will be very little dust that gets into the building as we work on the project.

There will be equipment around the building at various times during the installation.  There will be no students, staff or visitors near the area where the equipment will be operating.  If there are changes to parent pick up/drop off, which we do not anticipate, you will be notified in advance

Let me state, that none of this will be hazardous or dangerous to students, staff or the public.  We do realize there may be some students or staff that may have specific allergies or health issues.  Please let us know and we will remove that student or staff from their assigned area while work is being done in that phase.

While this work will cause some challenges, we are excited for the changes that will be made to upgrade our building.  We hope the project stays the course and completion is finalized in a timely manner. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on the numerous projects we have going on to enhance the learning environment for our students.

If you have questions regarding the scope of the project, please contact Mr. Jamie Thomas at 564-6748 or



Jamie Thomas                                    Garry Jackson

Principal                                               Director of Facilities, Mason County Schools         

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