The Pizza Guy of Tomorrow!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, or Drones) are becoming increasingly available in for public use,
from businesses promising drone delivery
to people kicking back for a high flying day in the park.
But, while these drones have a great many uses,
and many see them as the age of tomorrow, They arent without their share of worries!

Drones can be a handy tool in many situations! Many busniesses are already starting to incorporate them into their normal routines (examples of which can be found below). But the real interest in in the public uses! Want to take a hi-tech selfie to share with your friends, or catch your neighbor putting their leaves in your yard with a stealthy video? Thanks to wide availability of drones, not even they sky is the limit anymore!

Commerical Drone sales have skyrocketed in recent years, going up by nearly 60% since 2013!

But you may be asking yourself... What is a drone, exactly? Why are they so popular? And are there any dangers to using this technology?

Drones: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Drones can be used for research, education, or commercial uses. however, some may argue they do more bad then good. Click the links to learn more!

The Good:

Drones have a variety of interesting and useful talents. They can be used to record videos or take pictures. They can carry items and retireve things from high places, and idealy can be used for dangerous public service jobs, like sea rescue and powerline repair.

The Bad:

Drones are not always used responsibly.When flew near emergency zones, such as wildfires or floods, It can disrupt emergency officials or just cause general confusion and panic.

The Ugly:
Let alone, those flying them near emergencies, there is a rising rate of drones flying near aircraft, which is very dangerous, for many reasons. To find out more about drone laws, see KnowBeforeYouFly.org, and we also have some detailed here on the page!

What Can We Expect
In The Future?
Drones are rapidly progressing. The technology and capabilities of them are changing all the while, allowing the public to have more, better uses for drones in everyday life.

The Cause
Drone Technology has become quite a hot topic. They can be either be remotely piloted or fly using a GPS system. They can be used to take pictures and record videos, using cameras that connect to your computers. CES 2016 has promised to show off the new public uses for drones, including their new technology and advanced safety procedures. While Drones use is limited right now, the companies developing new ones are the cause to the effect that drones will surely play in the future.

The Effect
Its the question everyone is asking (or at least everyone reading this page. Probably). What does increased drone use mean for the future? With the new tech thats promised, drones will be faster, able to carry more loads, self-piloted. Uses abound, from dangerous journalism to high-tech (and lazy) hunting. Photography of in-action sports, research of the Wildlife and atmosphere. While possible, those are a bit outside the realm of being easy with the current, mostly limited to video drones. The advancement of drones has a very promising future, in education and research.

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