The TSA At Mason County

A Little About Us:

Here at Mason County, We strive for achievement. Whether in teams or alone, we use both our prior knowledge and what we learn on the task to complete our projects. We have fun, learn new things, and love when we do.

Our Dedicated Members:


Matthew Chitwood

As President, Matthew organizes fund-rasing and keeps track of our members progress. He also competes in the Technology Bowl and Problem Solving competitions

Alex Stricklett

Alex is the Vice President. Along with competing in Tech Bowl and Problem Solving, she helps organize who does what and reminds people of their jobs within the TSA, and helps control the fund-raising effort

Mr. Tim Molton

Our Teacher, Mr. Molton, has brought us all together. He's ran the TSA for many years, and is always supportive of our works and confident in our abilities.

Other Members:

K.C. Cox- Dragster Design, Structural Design

Josh Brown- Technology Bowl, Structural Design

Kayla Miller- Structural Design, Dragster Design

Christian Thomas- Video Game Design

Nathan Adkins- Video Game Design

Chris Thomas- Structrural Design

Megan Moran- Web Design

Jared Story- Web Design (Me)

Zach Ashcraft- Web Design

Tanner Pitikas- Technology Bowl

Jayden Walsh- Flight Endurance, Tech Bowl, Dragster Design

Jonathan DeAtley- Not Available

Chrisitan Prather- Not Available

Noah Kalb- Not Available

Jay Stanely- Dragster Design

Mr. Tim Molotn, the TSA Director, can be contacted as for questions.

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