Snow Day Assignments

Below are links to the snow day assignments for my students.  You may download assignments, complete digitally, and email to me at the follwoing address:   Please use the password 'mcis' if you are asked for one to access documents. You may also complete the assignment packet I sent home with you OR print it from this page and complete a hard copy.  I will be available each snow day at MCIS via email or by calling (606) 759-2000. Thank you. 


/userfiles/37/my files/snow day 1-mr. grigsby's reading.docx?id=541088

/userfiles/37/my files/snow day 2-mr. grigsby's reading.docx?id=541083

/userfiles/37/my files/snow day 3-mr. grigsby's reading.docx?id=541084

/userfiles/37/my files/snow day 4-mr. grigsby's reading.docx?id=541085

/userfiles/37/my files/snow day 5-mr. grigsby's reading.docx?id=541086

/userfiles/37/my files/grigsby snow day 6-reading .docx?id=541201

/userfiles/37/my files/grigsby snow day 7-reading.docx?id=541202

/userfiles/37/my files/grigsby snow day 8-reading .docx?id=541203

/userfiles/37/my files/grigsby snow day 9-reading.docx?id=541204

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