Reading Day 5

Class Leader 

Laura couldn’t wait to hear Mrs. Perkins’ big announcement. She had a feeling it had something to do with a class contest. Laura loved contests. She didn’t care what the prize was. She just liked to compete, and more than that, she liked to win.

“Okay, everyone,” Mrs. Perkins said. “Starting today, we will elect a class leader for each month. The person elected will help me pass out papers, distribute materials, and write on the blackboard. He or she will also get to decide on the theme for the class project that month.”

Laura could barely sit still. It was a contest! She had to win. Mrs. Perkins held up a gold star badge. “The class leader will wear this badge during school hours.”

Laura’s eyes widened. A shiny gold badge! Everyone would know she was a winner if she was wearing that badge.

“This is a lot of responsibility,” Mrs. Perkins said, “so I only want students to nominate themselves if they truly feel they are up to the task.”

Laura was barely listening anymore. She was picturing herself wearing the gold badge. Chalk scraped on the blackboard and Laura turned to see Mrs. Perkins writing a list of names. Super Teacher Worksheets -

“Does anyone else wish to be nominated for class leader this month?” Mrs. Perkins asked.

Laura’s hand shot up in the air. “I want to be nominated!” Mrs. Perkins added Laura to the list. Laura scanned the names. Melissa was on it, too. Laura looked at her best friend sitting next to her.

“Good luck!” Melissa said. “I would love to choose the theme for the class project. I have a great idea for it.”

Laura suddenly felt funny. Melissa didn’t just want to win; she wanted to help the class.

“Would anyone like to tell the class why they should be this month’s class leader?” Mrs. Perkins asked.

Laura raised her hand. “I think everyone should vote for Melissa. She has a great idea for the class project, and she always helps Mrs. Perkins pass out papers. She’d make a great class leader.” Everyone nodded.

“Thanks,” Melissa said. “But I thought you wanted to be the class leader.”

Laura shrugged. “There’s always next month.”

Questions: Remember to restate. 

1. What was the importance of the gold badge? 

2. What made Laura change her mind about wanting to be the class leader? 

3. How was Laura proactive? 

Summarize the passage. Reminder: You can use Someone wanted but so then OR first, next, then, and finally) 


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