Reading Day 1

Snow Elephants

“Yay, Nick’s home from college!” Ella rapped on the window when she saw her brother. Nick waved to her from inside his car. “My first wish came true! Nick's home! Now, if only it would snow...”

Suddenly, Ella scowled and wondered, “Who’s that guy with Nick?”

"Ella!” Nick cried as he walked through the front door. He picked her up and tossed her into the air.

“Mom, Ella, meet my friend, Narong. He’s from Thailand. He’s visiting us for the weekend.”

“Welcome,” Mom said.

Narong asked, “Where is your snow, please? I have never seen snow.”

Mom shrugged and smiled. “So far, we've had nothing.”

“That doesn’t stop us from wishing for snow, right, Ella?” Nick winked.

“Blah,” Ella muttered. “Winter's not much fun without snow.”

“Would you like a snack?” Mom asked. “Ella and I baked yummy cookies this morning.”

Ella twirled her hair glumly. She thought to herself, “Narong spoiled everything. Nick was supposed to come home to spend time with me. Why should I share him with Narong?”

Narong sat shyly at the kitchen table. He pointed to a plate of cookies. “Are those elephant cookies?”

Ella quietly grumbled, “Elephants are my favorite animal.”

“Miss Ella, the Thai people cherish elephants.” Narong’s eyes danced. “White elephants are a

symbol of royalty.”

Ella’s eyes widened. “Royalty? Well, I’m going to be a princess when I grow up.” Narong nodded in

agreement. For the first time, Ella smiled. “I whipped up the snow white frosting on these cookies. See? ‘Cause I’m wishing for snow. Like you.”

“Snow elephants taste yummy,” Nick said as he crunched a cookie at the kitchen table.

Mom peeked out the window and saw swirling snowflakes tumbling softly from the sky. “Ella, look out the window! Your second wish finally—“

Mom looked back towards the kitchen table. “Where did everyone go?”

Outside, Ella padded powdery snow into a ball. She placed it in Narong’s hand. Her wishes had come true, and she realized that she had made a new friend.

Questions: Remember to restate. 

1. What two things did Ella wish for? 

2. Describe where and when this story took place. 

3. When did Ella first smile? 

Short Answer: How did Ella's feelings toward Narong change from the beginning to the end of the story? Use RACE. Must be at least 3-5 sentences. 

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