Snow Day 5

First: Read for 20 minutes in your library book or a book of your choice, that is on your level.

Next: Complete one written response that fits your book (fiction or nonfiction) on notebook paper. 

* Your response must be at least 5 complete sentences. 

*Title and Date 


Fiction Choices:

  • If this book would become a movie, choose 5 main scenes and why you chose them.
  • Do any of the characters remind you of friends, family members, or classmates?  Explain. 
  • What connections are there between the book and your life?  Explain. 
  • Write about an important lesson that was learned in the story.


Nonfiction Choices:

  • List 3 questions you have about what you read.  Tell at least 2 things you learned. 
  • What has been the most interesting part of your reading?
  • Draw 4 pictures to go with important words from the book.  Label the pictures with the important words.
  • What is the main idea of what you read?  Defend your answer with details that support the main idea. 
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