Snow Day 3

First: Click on the link below and read  the poem "Snow Troops".

Next: Write your answers to the questions below on notebook paper (please title and date :).

Last: Read your AR book for the 25 book challenge. 


Snow Troops Poem: 

Snow Troops

By Rebecca T. Besser


Sitting at the window, I watch the falling snow. Fluttering, swirling, gusting, in a blinding white glow.

I hurry to put on my boots, gloves, coat, and hat. Eager to be outside and make snowballs that go splat.

My brother follows my example and gets ready too. With snow on the ground there’s so much we can do!


Under our booted feet the snow crunches as we walk. The cold air against our warm faces is a pleasant shock.

Scooping, molding, pressing, throwing; we’re having fun. Breaths puff out in steamy clouds as we laugh and run.

We decide to build a snowman to stand in our yard. Rolling up the heavy snow we need is very, very hard.


Finally we see progress, after much effort and strain. We work hard on his big white head that has no brain.

We search for black coal to make his dark eyes. What expression will he have? We’ll make it a surprise!

A carrot for a nose and two long arms made of wood. We add a mouth to his face; he’s beginning to look good.


We find some mittens, a scarf, and a hat for his clothes. Stepping back we laugh at his silly expression and his pose.

Time passes quickly and the cold temperature gets colder. Back in the house, I shrug my heavy coat off my shoulder.

Warm cocoa with marshmallows, dry clothes, and hot soup, Leads to full tummies and warm comfort for tired snow troops.


Snow Troops Questions (Restate :)  

  1. Where do the first three stanzas of the poem take place?
    A. outside in the backyard              B. outside in the front yard      C. outside in the park   D. inside

  2. Name the items of clothing that are used to dress the snowman. 

  3. Line 10 of the poem says:
    Breaths puff out in steamy clouds as we laugh and run.

    What does this sentence mean?

  4. Line 20 of the poem says  "Stepping back we laugh at his silly expression and his pose."  Which is the best definition for the underlined word?  A. way of standing   B. goofy mouth   C. mean look   D. way of moving

  5. What happens to the temperature later in the day?
    A. it rises   B
    . it falls   C. it stays the same   D. it snows


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