Modern Social Problems  

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Rooted in sociological concepts and theories, this course examines various contemporary social issues that impact the respective cultures in which they occur. The discussion and analysis of these issues will allow you to not only express your opinion(s) about such topics, but will also allow you to see the opinion(s) of others and their particular perspectives on the issues. This course will not only allow for the growth of knowledge, but also for the growth of acceptance and understanding, and for the development of a strong sociological imagination, by discussing the plights of various groups dealing with a host of problematic issues.


  • NTI Day(s)

    Any day that MCHS is closed for inclimate weather, your simple NTI assignment is as such...

    Simply watch the news from the assigned/missed night (or view it online on NBC Nightly News) and take notes for the Google Classroom quiz that will be given in class.

    When multiple days are missed, take notes from the news for each night... and a combo-quiz will be given in class (via Google Classroom).

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