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Advanced Placement Psychology will cover the basic principles of general psychology. The field of psychology is a very wide area to cover, and everything will not be addressed; however, main theories and crucial information will be covered and emphasized in an effort to prepare students for the AP Psychology exam. (If students choose not to take the exam, at the very least they should come out of the course with an understanding of psychology that many incoming college freshmen do not have. Numerous psychological fields, methods of study, and basic psychological principles will be addressed, as will their founders and followers. However, the basic understanding of the field, as a whole, will serve as the main purpose of the course (for the entirety of the school year).

  • Nightly Readings...

    Please see the course calendar for the nightly readings. Readings are scheduled tentatively... as discussions/topic coverage may take longer than estimated.

    It should be noted that the day that the reading is listed under is the date for which it must be read. For instance, if there is a reading listed under "Monday," that means that you are suspected to have that reading completed FOR Monday (so it should be read over the weekend), a reading listed FOR Tuesday should be read on Monday evening, etc. (Similarly, if a day says "No Reading," then no quiz will be given on that day.)

    Please ask me if there is ever any uncertainty about the reading schecule, etc. You may email me at: chad.stanfield@mason.kyschools.us

    Also, you may send me a tweet at: @PsychoMCTeach

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