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AP Music Theory
Advance Music Theory
Fundamental Music Theory
Chamber Music Activities

All students must be a member of a regular performing ensemble: Orchestra, Concert Choir or Band to enroll in any Music Theory Section.
Pre-Requisite: Active participation in Choir, Orchestra or Band

This Art and Humanities based course are offered in two sections: FUNDAMENTAL THEORY CLASS and ADVANCE THEORY CLASS with the emphasis on the basic music skills as related to music composition and musicianship.

Students should enroll in the Fundamental section for their first year of study, the advanced theory section for their second year as a theory student and AP Class for their third year of study. Students will participate in a wide range of activities including the piano keyboard lab instruction and music compositional techniques using computers. Activities will include ear training, dictation, music history, elements of arts and humanities, compositional form and analysis, listening and concert participation.

It is assumed that the student has acquired at least basic performance skills in voice or on an instrument. The student’s ability to read musical notation is fundamental to this course. Students may enroll in the class as an early bird class or in special situations as an independent study class upon approval of the director.

  • Non-Traditional Day

    Non-Traditonal Day assignments are to be completed as below. The Non-Traditional Folder, has an overview handout. 

    Day 1: Compose an 8 measure melodic line. 2 four measure phrases. Label the melodic contour: Arch, Ascending, Descending, Inverted Arch. 

    Day 2: Add a Chord Progression to your Melody from Day 1. Roman Numeral/ABC only. 

    Day 3: Complete your Day 2 progression into Four-Part Harmony

    Day 4: Add Non-Harmonic Tones: Passing Tone, Neighbor Tone, Anticipation, Suspension. 

    Day 5: Analyze Hymn Tune. Select a common domain hymn tune. Analyzing, phrases, chords, and non harmonic tones.

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