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Course: AP Music Theory Grade 11 or 12

Pre-Requisite: Fundamental and Advance Theory Class 
Active participation in Choir, Orchestra or Band

The AP Music Theory Course is based as a component of any college music curriculum and introducing music students to theory, musical materials, and procedures. The approaches to the AP Music Theory exam will include activities for the student’s development of: aural skills, written skills, compositional skills and analytical skills.

The course will place an emphasis on dictation, musical analysis, ear training skills, texture, rhythm, compositional form, sight singing, listening and concert participation. The student’s ability to read and write musical notation is fundamental to this class. It is assumed that the student enrolled in the AP Music Theory Class has acquired basic performance skills in voice or on an instrument. Activities will include the piano keyboard lab exercises and techniques and use of computer programs for music compositions.

  • Non-Traditional Day

    Non-Traditonal Day assignments are to be completed as below. The Non-Traditional Folder, has an overview handout. 

    Day 1: Compose an 8 measure melodic line. 2 four measure phrases. Label the melodic contour: Arch, Ascending, Descending, Inverted Arch. 

    Day 2: Add a Chord Progression to your Melody from Day 1. Roman Numeral/ABC only. 

    Day 3: Complete your Day 2 progression into Four-Part Harmony

    Day 4: Add Non-Harmonic Tones: Passing Tone, Neighbor Tone, Anticipation, Suspension. 

    Day 5: Analyze Hymn Tune. Select a common domain hymn tune. Analyzing, phrases, chords, and non harmonic tones.


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