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    The Related Arts teachers gave one inclusive packet to all students.  This contains all NTID assignments for each class.  Students are to complete one assignment from either music, art, or computer on a snow day.  They DO NOT need to complete one from each class.  They are, however, allowed to complete as many assignments as they would like.

    For example:

    NTID 1:  Music Assignment 1

    NTID 2:  Art Assignment 1

    NTID 3:  Computer Assignemnt 1 

    *Special Note:  During the learning process of the NTID, we have found that making a more strict assignment might benefit students.  For NTID 2, please have students complete Art Assignment 2 (3rd Grade - Dot 2 Dot; 4th/5th Grades - Quiz).  If the student has completed this assignment already, complete Music Assignment 1.  If both are complete, the students need not do any more.  If they would like to continue working, complete the first Computer assignment.

    Thank you and feel free to contact any of the Related Arts teachers with any further questions.

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