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  • EnVisioning the Future Day

    Each year, the TBVI's of the Big East Co-op sponsor a day, specifically designed to meet the needs of our Blind / Visually Impaired students.  Our EnVisioning the Future Day is designed to reveal the possibilities to our students for their future endeavors.  Parents are encouraged to attend, as we always have activities for the parents, as well as the students.  Specific dates and information for this year's event will be forthcoming shortly!!  I'll keep you posted!

  • School Supplies

    If your student has trouble keeping up with assignments and losing homework papers, you will want to consider purchasing a multi-pocket binder....for younger students, a 5 pocket binder would be appropriate, for students at MCIS and older, you will want to use a 13-pocket binder, espeically if your student receives multiple services.

    The student can categorize each class and serivce provider (VI, Speech, OT, Grade level resource) and make sure that any important papers that you need to see make it home.


    For writing:  #1 pencils create a darker mark than the traditional #2 pencils which are readily available.  #1 pencils can be found at your large office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot, etc.


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