5th period 8th Digits  

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8th Digits will cover material that will help students to prepare for high school Algebra.  The units and targets are listed under Student Data Folders with Targets on this page.  Students will have these targets as well as other data tracking sheets, a letter of expectations, all contained in a folder that they will be bringing home for signature and then be returned to class.  This folder will come home at the end of each unit as communication with parents is very important to me and I want you and your child to be aware of progress throughout the year.    This class is a very rigorous class and will have many activities going on daily such as journaling, error analysis, fast math, small group and class instruction.  Any work not finished in class will need to be completed at home in addition to homework that will be given nightly, except for Friday.  


  • The Math Program we use for this class is available online.  Your child will be given an access code so that they have access to the entire program.  This code will be on a label on the notes page inside their agenda.  If your child is having difficulty, this is a great resource for them and you.  If you need this information, please contact me and I will give you the codes for your child.  

  • School Supplies

    You will need the following items for this class:

    Composition Book with graph paper NOT lined

    4 Pack of Dry Erase Markers

    Package of Graph Paper

    Regular Notebook Paper and Plenty of Pencils


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